Hills between the plain and the sea. Consisting of three units-the Conreria, Sant Mateu and Céllecs-, the park plays an important ecological role because they contacted the coast with the interior valleys. The Mediterranean climate and its strategic location have led to the establishment of a human being here for a long time, dolmens, Iberian remains, shrines and castles still live with farmhouses surrounded by crops.

The Serralada Litoral Park is part of the Network of Protected Natural Areas, promoted and managed by the Barcelona Provincial Council. Today Serralada Coast has become the large green park between the Valles Oriental and the Maresme region. For this reason, your protection initiative launched by some councils in the area, leading to the creation on 15 May 1992 from the Consortium for the Protection and Management of the Natural Area-San Mateo-Conreria Céllecs later renamed the Park Serralada Litoral.

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