Work requested by Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Council)

This region of Bages, in mountainous terrain, narrow roads and isolation from major cities, did not admit any other crop that was not the vineyard. During the nineteenth century the Bages was the most acres of vinya had planted throughout Catalunya. Farmers in these lands planted vines on the slopes of the mountains steeper. Solved the problem of transporting the harvest and the need for homogeneous fermentation building "Les Tines" and making wine beside the vines. This uniqueness along with "Les Barraques" (stone huts without binders: no cement or mortar) are one of the hallmarks of the region.The arrival of phylloxera from France in 1868 destroyed all the vineyards. Fields were reconquered by the forest and three generations later nobody remembered Les Tines, hidden by vegetation. Fires in the 80s of last century have exposed these magnificent buildings and today has become one of the attractions of the area, although it is quite unknown to the general public.
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